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Our school wide focus for 2017 is HOME

In Term 2 we have some exciting Inquiries planned across the school. Throughout the school the children will be taking part in workshops or lessons following the school-wide Inquiry process through such curriculum areas as Health, Physical Education, Science, Maths, Engineering, Technology and Art. Students will also be using our Inquiry process to use critical thinking, sorting information and questioning in Literacy.

The Shirley Primary Inquiry process follows these areas;

EXCITE - ignite the imagination, develop BIG questions to ponder and explore

QUESTIONING - Planning - determining a focus


TAKING IT FURTHER - what outcomes do I have, how have I had an impact

REFLECTING - Developing next steps

We are continuing to look at belonging in our school and throughout Christchurch and New Zealand - how the rebuild is changing our communities, different types of homes in New Zealand, the many varied cultures that make up our country and how this is reflected in home lives.