Board of Trustees

article picmonkeyed 2The Board of Trustees are given power under the Education Act 1989 Section 75 to control the management of the school. They are the legal bodies (body corporate) with legal obligations to govern the school in accordance with the Acts and Regulations of Parliament and within the schools own charter.

The Board of Trustees

Chairperson Linda Glasgow

Alistair Sim

Members Don Van Onselen, Rebecca Roper-Gee, Jeremy Moses, Kevin Luke 
Board Secretary Shelley Wilson

What We Do

The Board of Trustees acts on behalf of both the school community and the Ministry of Education. We are accountable for providing an environment that enables our students to achieve. We have overall responsibility for the school, including certain legal obligations covering property, safety, personnel, school finances, and reporting to the Ministry and the school community. Each year, we must send an annual report to the MoE. You can read it here.

The Board has a hand in ensuring effective delivery of the curriculum, establishing strategic goals, developing and reviewing policies, monitoring performance, employing staff, and supporting the principal in the management of the school. Practically, this means that we make decisions in a range of areas, from what the school’s educational targets will be, what to spend money on, and planning for the future. We do this while keeping the best interests of the school, our students, and our school community in sight at all times.

In 2017, the Board oversaw the completion of a successful a ERO review.

In 2013 we had a new playground installed which was then completed in 2014 with the addition of a flying fox. Since the quakes we have had our fields repaired and four new classrooms on site to cater for the large increase in new students. In 2017 we moved into our new learning spaces, which included a multi purpose/hall space, library and learning spaces for up to 300 students. Our Kakano / Mahuri block was also remodelled to provide more flexibility for our learning programmes.

You can read more about our plans for this year in our charter

Board Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are usually held on Thursday the fourth and eighth week of each Term at 7.00 pm in the staffroom. The meetings are advertised in the school newsletter at least a week prior to the meeting. All parents and caregivers are most welcome to attend the Board meetings. 

Click here for the current agenda.

Minutes of Board of Trustees meeting:

Next meeting scheduled for 7th August 2019, 5:30 pm in Staffroom.


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