Enrolment Zone

In-Zone Enrolments

The Enrolment Scheme takes addresses on both sides of the boundary roads metioned in the description, unless otherwise stated. 

Starting from the intersection of Gresford Street and Geraldine Street, the home zone follows:

  • East on Gresford Street until Hills Road
  • North on Hills Road until Dudley Street
  • East on Dudley Street until Stapletons Road
  • North on Stapletons Road until Averill Street
  • East on Averill Street until Petrie Street
  • East on Shirley Road until Marshland Road
  • North on Marshland Road until Pagoda Street (including Alma Place)
  • East on Pagoda Street until Joy Street
  • North on Joy Street until Lake Terrace Road (including Trina Place)
  • North-West on the Southern side of Lake Terrace Road until Briggs Road (including the Southern side of Lake Terrace Road down to 239 Lake Terrace Road)
  • West on the Southern side of Briggs Road until Akaroa Street
  • South-West on the South-Eastern side of Akaroa Street until Hills Road
  • South on the Eastern side of Hills Road until Whitehall Street
  • South on (both sides of) Hills Road until Aylesford Street (including Friel Lane and Spurway Place)
  • North-West on Aylesford Street until Thornton Street (including addresses on Aylesford Street between Thornton St and Crosby St)
  • South-West on Thornton Street until Flockton Street
  • South on the Eastern side of Flockton Street until Warrington Street
  • East on Warrington Street until Geraldine Street
  • South on Geraldine Street until Gresford Street (including the addresses on Edward Avenue, Edgeware Rd and Canon St between Geraldine St and Barbadoes St)

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

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Out-of-Zone Enrolments

Enrolment of children who live outside of the above geographic zone is governed by the requirements of Section 11F of the Education Act 1989, and instructions issued by the Secretary of Education under Section 11F of the Education Act 1989.

The number of places will be determined by the Principal on the bases of current and projected class numbers and school roll. A ballot may be conducted in October for new entrant children outside the zone, who are due to start school the following year. If numbers within other year levels fall too low, places will be advertised and a ballot may be conducted.

Please contact the Principal to discuss how the enrolment process works.