20160815 112117 picmonkeyedEnrolment Procedure

Starting school is an important milestone in a childs life. It is a major event for the parents, too. It is important that both you and your child are well prepared for this step. If you are considering enrolling your child with us, please call the school on 385-2019 for further information or you can drop into the school office to pick up an enrolment pack.  We suggest that you make contact soon after your childs fourth birthday. Your child will usually have three pre-enrolments visits at different times during the school day. The Kakano Team Leader will ring to arrange these.

Before Starting School

You can make it easier for your child to become used to school if he/she:

  • School 1can recognise his/her own name
  • has had books read to him/her
  • has had experience with scissors, pencils and crayons
  • can be responsible for his/her own clothing (including shoes)
  • can pack and unpack his/her own school bag
  • can speak clearly
  • can go to the toilet independently
  • knows the safest way to and from school
  • can bring a handkerchief or tissue and use it
  • can hold a pencil correctly
  • can put things away
  • can follow simple verbal instructions
  • can listen quietly
  • can be considerate towards others


Moving from Year 0 to Year 1

Any child who enrols during the first term (and sometimes up to the 1st July) is classified as a year 1 pupil. In the following year he/she is a Year 2, and so on. Any child who enrols after the first term is classified as a Year 0 until the end of that year. In the following year he/she is a Year 1, and so on. We check pupils progress at the end of each year and consult with parents/caregivers, as sometimes adjustments need to be made with regards to year classification. If you have a question about this, please contact your childs teacher.