House Groups

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Phoenix House Orion House Pegasus House Aquila House

Children are placed in one of four house groups. House points are earned through working hard in class and participating in exciting extras. For example; choir, P.A.L.s and whole school organised house events. Whenver students get S*T*A*R* cards for awesome behaviour this also includes house points. The winning house each week win 10 minutes free play in the playground after assembly. Each term we get together in our House to celebrate learning and have fun together.

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Each house has 2 Year 6 students lead it. These students make up our Student Council.

Our house leaders for 2018 are:

Phoenix - Aki Osai and Ruqqaiyah Sher

Orion - Dante Ewings and Kereru Huffam-Mutu

Pegasus - Issy Weir and Micheal Sheen

Aquila - Melina Chase and Jaz Ennis